Splashing into Cafe Acqua Salisbury

In the heart of the Salisbury conurbation, Café Acqua resides upon its setting. When entering the restaurant I was greeting with a warm greeting as I was escorted to my table seating.

I thought it best to directly test my taste buds with a starter of three delicious and appetizing garlic breads. While I glanced at my menu, my attention was immediately drawn to the scrumptious chicken schnitzel. The main included a side of lettuce salad, dipped in French dressing, with a cup full of flavoursome gravy and chips which were neatly scattered underneath the chicken.

The gravy was used to either dip or pour onto your schnitzel. Both combinations provide an additional and succulent flavour. Another idea is to dip the salad into the gravy which produces a strangely tender quality in taste. Other amalgamations in collaborating food can be applied for a mouth-watering delight.

A negative attraction in the restaurant was the amount of tables filled with empty plates and half-finished glasses of liquid. The waitresses kept the place tidy and clean a part from the cluttered and disorganized table tops.

With a superlative mixture of food, personal service, cake and coffee, restaurant is the impeccable dwelling to splash your money upon.


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