Hop, Skip and a simple Step by Step to make.

Mum, the reason behind my food consuming ways. Being of Italian culture she doesn’t even need to recipe book to cook up a storm in our kitchen. Meal after meal, something, yet so basic at times can be of the most delectable form of nourishment one has ever tasted; and her vanilla splice in no exception. This finger licking and scrumptious dessert offers a pleasant tickle to your tastebuds. One would be senseless to cover their tongue in the remains on the plate when you are done.

But I guess you are wondering how to create this flavoursome dessert. Well, it is as simple has a hop, skip and a step:

On the base, surround the cooking plate Sao biscuits, making sure to cover an edge to edge ground deposit. Next a packet of prepared instant pudding must is produced to spread across the biscuit layer. Following, another coating of Sao biscuits is required. Icing sugar and coconut is sprinkled across to bring the layers to a finish. It is recommended that you leave the vanilla slice in the fridge over night to stiffen.

So as evident, it is simple to create such an appetizing and tempting dessert to spoil upon yourself.


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