Rooster Roll at Red Rooster


One of the more classic and traditional dishes on the Red Rooster menu is their signature Rooster Roll.

They start by mixing fresh chicken stuffing with mayonnaise to produce an innovative and unique sauce to spread across a soft roll. They then scatter bits of peeled chicken to create the roll.

To buy the Rooster Roll by itself is $5.95 and to order in a regular combo (with a regular chips and 390ml drink) costs $9.65. Considering what is given with the meal, the price isn’t all too expensive.


If your lucky on some occasions the Red Rooster branches may have a special where you can buy two of the rolls for $8.

For a dollar extra, you can add bacon to enhance the overall taste. With the first bite, an explosion of sauce surrounds your mouth and the freshness in the peeled chicken becomes evident to your tastebuds. This tempting sauce melts on my hunger craving tongue and forces a finger licking action.

The delightful pleasure of eating this meal springs to mind the origins of Red Rooster and their vague development of becoming one of the mainstream take away restaurants in all of Australia. It won’t take long until Red Rooster will be experienced to the further public.


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